Frigidaire Camouflage Frost-free Upright Freezer

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Frigidaire Camouflage Frost-free Upright Freezer

This Frigidaire Camouflage Frost-free Upright Freezer might be the coolest find of the week!  Lowes Home Improvement Stores and has this cool camouflage upright freezer on sale for $648. Frigidaire Camouflage Upright Freezer.

Now you can save $60 more by using the $60 off of $400 coupon from Wow what a bargain for this super awesome freezer!

This freezer has over 16 cubic feet of capacity.  By flipping the switch, you can convert this to a refrigerator!.  You can keep your goods frozen temps or fresh temps, its up to you!

You also can adjust the shelves to help organize your food however you want.

Ultra cool camouflage exterior for all you outdoors people, hunters, survivalists, etc.

Of course this is frostfree to you won’t need to defrost.

There is a light that will show you when the freezer is in operation.

Inside LED lights so you can view your goodies even at night.

You can use the freezer to store your meat, ready to eat meals, fish, ice, you can even freeze milk and butter.




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