Google Home and Google Home Mini speakers

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Google Home Google Home Mini Speakers on Sale at Lowe’s and Big Savings!  Wow Lowes has the Google Home for $79.00Google Home at Lowes and the Google Home Mini for $29.00.  Google Home Mini.  But hurry this sale ends on 12/31/2017!

Speaking with voice commands, you can interact with all smart Google services with the Google Home and Google Home mini speakers.  Google has a lot of services along with third party services that you can use to play videos, music, hear the news just by voice command on the Google Home and Google mini speakers.

Home automation has never been easier than with the Google Home and Google Home mini speakers.  You can synchronize the playing of the music by placing home devices in different rooms.  The speakers can recognize up to 6 different people by their voice.  The speakers can also remind you of important appointments and events.

You can ask either speaker a huge variety of questions which it will answer for you including the time, weather, etc.

Of course with your coupon from, you can bring down the Google Home speaker to $64.  What a great deal!  Also you can save a few bucks on the Google Mini too if you just want the smaller one!

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