UPDATE:  Lowes Gift Card Deal

Ebay  again has another gift card deal today.  You can buy a $100 card for $90 today. Lowes gift card


Use this gift card along with the 11% rebate from Lowes https://myjibe.com/lowes-11-rebate-available/ and the  Lowes coupon from https://myjibe.com/ to save a lot of money right now!


Lowes Gift Card Deal

Ebay has another gift card deal today.  If you buy a $200 gift card, you get an extra $20 on the card.  So for $200, you get a $220 card!

Use this along with your Lowes coupons from MyJibe to save on your items from Lowes and Lowes.com.


Another Lowes Gift Card Deal

There is another Lowes gift card deal this time on Ebay.  Buy a $100 gift card for $90.  This deal is probably for today only.  These don’t last long.  Lowes Gift Card on ebay.com


Use this gift card along with your Lowes coupon from https://myjibe.com/lowes/coupons/ to save up to 30% on your home improvement needs.

UPDATE:  Lowes 11%Rebate is Available Again From 03/29/2018 through 04/04/2018

This rebate is again focused at stores in the Midwest.  Lowes 11% Rebate  You can find the list of stores on this link also.

So if you live in the Midwest and it is time to replace your appliances or redo the kitchen or bathroom, this is a great time to save money!

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Lowe’s 11% Rebate is Available Again

This is mostly for the stores in the Midwest area and for in-store purchases only.  Lowes 11% Rebate

This offer is going on until Valentine’s Day 02/14/2018.

At the above link, you can scroll down and see all the Lowe’s Home Improvement Stores that are participating, again mostly stores in the Midwest United States.

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Lowes will send you the rebate via giftcard for Lowes Home Improvement Stores.

I don’t see a limit on how much you can spend so this can really be a nice sized rebate if its time to replace the appliances, redo the bathroom, remodel the kitchen or finishing the basement.

Of course with spring not too far away, you can also look ahead and buy your lawn maintenance tools, painting supplies, spring cleaning supplies, etc.

Also, get ready for barbecue season with all the really nice grills available at Lowes Home Improvement Stores and Lowes.com.

Don’t forget you can also buy your new flooring at Lowes including hardwood, linoleum, carpet, tile, etc.  They even have linoleum and tile that look like hardwood!

Here are some other deals I found at Lowe’s:




Tuscan Expandable Wine Bar in Espresso

The Tuscan Expandable Wine Bar in Espresso has slots for 12 bottles of wine. Tuscan Expandable Wine Bar in Espresso at Bed Bath & Beyond The brown espresso color is a no brainer to go along with most decorative touches.  This will also expand from 36 inches to 57 inches as you need.

There is also a handy cutting board to cut your favorite cheeses to go along with the wine.  The cutting board can be removed if you don’t need it.  There are also cabinets, shelves and drawer for all your wine accessory needs.

There is plenty of room to store your wine glasses, champagne glasses, cheese plates or even your finest china! Remember you don’t have to store just your wine, you can also save your best brandy, scotch, tequila or whatever your favorite drink might be!

Your guests will be quite impressed with the lovely piece of furniture in this wine bar.  Whether it is New Years Eve or just a small party with friends, you will really enjoy having this lovely wine bar to show off your entertaining goods.

Now if you use your Bed, Bath and Beyond 20% off coupon from Myjibe.com of course this makes this an even better deal!  https://myjibe.com/

Don’t forget to check out some other deals below:

Long Valley Wine Bar





Lowes gift cards today only Ebay daily deal $100 gift card for $90. Lowes Gift Cards on ebay.com


Use this along with your coupon from https://myjibe.com/

Use your coupon first and then pay for your purchase with your gift card to save big today!

Noritake Colorwave Tablecloths at Bed, Bath & Beyond

Noritake Colorwave Tablecloths Chocolate Brown at Bed, Bath & Beyond are all 30% off! Noritake Colorwave Tablecloths at Bed Bath & Beyond

Noritake Colorwave Round Tablecloth at Bed Bath & Beyond

To save more, you can use a Bed, Bath & Beyond coupon from Myjibe.com https://myjibe.com/

The sale prices range from $6.99 to $20.99.  It appears this sale is in store only.

Don’t forget to use the coupon on Myjibe.com to save even more money!

The chocolate brown color is on a big 30% off discount.  All the tablecloths and napkins in chocolate are on sale.

The oblong tablecloth ranges from 52″ to 140″ in length.  The round tablecloth is available in 60″, 70″ or 90″ round.

This brown tablecloth from Bed, Bath and Beyond is a nice neutral color to go with your home décor.  Whether you have expecting company or just serving family at dinner time, it is nice to have a simple way to have a fast cleanup after dinner or lunch.

Even the kids will enjoy the deep color and easy cleaning. Just pull it off and throw it in the washer!

Of course, you can buy matching color coordinated plates and silverware, centerpiece etc., to really spice things up!


Check out these great deals from Lowes Home Improvement Stores:

Master Lock Electronic Security Safe at Lowes



Long Valley No Tools Wine Bar

This Long Valley No Tools Wine Bar is on sale at Bed, Bath & Beyond for $79.99. Long Valley No Tools Wine Bar at Bed Bath & Beyond

Make sure to use your Bed, Bath & Beyond coupon from Myjibe.com to save 20%.  https://myjibe.com/

Do you like to store your wine for your parties and get togethers?  This is the perfect solution to store your wine.

You can hold up to twelve bottles of wine and up to 60 pounds.

Easy easy installation as no tools are needed to put this together.

The shelf is adjustable to your needs.

One year warranty from the manufacturer.

Who doesn’t enjoy a glass of wine with their dinner!  Whether you like red or white wine, you will find this storage cabinet handy to reach for your favorite flavor.

Whether you are making your own wine, buying them straight from the vineyard or just enjoying a bottle from the store, you will enjoy this cabinet that holds 12 of your favorites!

Entertain your company in style with this beautiful storage cabinet for your favorite wines!

Available in 2 color choices to match your décor.  There is a very light brown and a medium brown available.

You can store and organize yours wine bottles, wine glasses, corkscrew opener etc on this lovely and convenient cabinet.

This is constructed of solid MDF wood with wood veneer on top.

You can organize your wine selection from dark red, to rose to white so you will be ready for any dinner party at the spur of the moment!


Be sure to see the below deals from Lowes Home Improvement Stores and Lowes.com:





Dyson Hygenic Mist Humidifier and Cool Fan Heater

The Dyson Hygenic Mist Humidifier and Cool Fan Heater are on sale at Bed, Bath and Beyond.  The cool fan heater is now $349.99 and the Hygenic Mist Humidifier is $399.99.  That is a savings of $100 each!  Dyson Air Multiplier AM10 at Bed Bath & Beyond

Dyson Air Multiplier AM09 at Bed Bath & Beyond

Don’t forget to use your coupons from Myjibe.com to save another 20%.  https://myjibe.com/

Not only do they look cool but they are functional and reliable!

The Air Multiplier is a combination of a fan and a heater.  It will keep you nice and warm in the colder weather and sweet cool in the hot seasons.

There is a remote control for convenience so you don’t even have to get up out of bed!  With the sleep timer, you can set it to go on and off whenever you feel like it.

Two year manufacturer warranty.

The humidifier will keep your room at the perfect level of humidity whether you live in the drier climate or just for the dry season.

This supplies a pleasant mist to your area in an even manner.

Again the remote control is included and the sleep timer is helpful and convenient.

Two year manufacturers warranty.

Why not check out this great deal from Lowes Home Improvement Stores?



Petcube Bites Interactive Wi-Fi Pet Camera and Treat Dispenser

This Petcube Bites Interactive Wi-Fi Pet Camera and Treat Dispenser is on sale for $179 at Bed, Bath and Beyond. This is a $70 savings off the regular price.  Petcube Bites Interactive Pet Camera at Bed Bath and Beyond

Also, you can use a Bed, Bath and Beyond coupon from Myjibe.com to save even more.  https://myjibe.com/

If you are like me, your pets are part of the family and we like to spoil them like they are children.  With this inter-active camera which you can view straight on your smartphone, you can keep an eye on your pets while you are at work or out for the night.  You also can give them a special treat while you are away with the treat dispenser.

Someday smart devices will be just a normal way of life for all of us.  This one is a jump start on how we will be doing everything remotely or through the WiFi.

The special treat dispenser will hold up to one hundred treats for pet whether it is a dog, cat, ferret, bird or whatever your pet may be!

You can do everything through the Mobile App.

You can also takes special pics and videos of your pet and share with your friends and family.

This is mountable on the wall with the hardware that is included.

This includes night-vision for night time viewing and two way audio so you can hear your pet and they can hear you.

Connect easily to your WiFi system.

Wide angle lens and high-definition viewing.

There is a one year manufacturers warranty that is included.



Rev-A-Shelf Metal Two Tier Pull Out Cabinet Basket

This Rev-A-Shelf Metal Two Tier Pull Out Cabinet Basket is on sale at Lowes Home Improvement Stores for $62.98 and at Lowes.com for 89.97.  Rev-A-Shelf Metal Two Tier Pull Out Cabinet Basket at Lowes

You can save more by using the $10 off %50 coupon from Myjibe.com https://myjibe.com/lowes/coupons/10-off-50/.  If you are spending more than $75, you can use the $15 off of $75 coupon from Myjibe.com https://myjibe.com/lowes/coupons/15-off-75/

There is a limited lifetime warranty on these baskets so you can feel confident in buying this convenient item.

These are made of rugged and strong Chrome Wire.

The ball bearing slides are full extension.

These mount from the bottom, rear and side to give you a stable easy rolling basket.

They are easy to access from either the top or the bottom.

This is a great pull out organizer for really any room in the house.  You can install in your cabinets to organize the whole house.

This is nice to use in the kitchen to easily store your dishes and have easy access to them, also it is easier to put the dishes away with the easy sliding baskets.

Why not use one in the bathroom to store all your things like shampoo, soap, washrags, etc.

You can also use them in the bedroom closet to help organize and help to find your things like sweaters, jackets, etc.

Don’t forget, you can also use these in the garage cabinets to store all your auto needs, etc.

Make sure to check out these other deals from Lowes Home Improvement Stores and Lowes.Com


DuraFlame Infrared Tower Electric Space Heater


Troy-Bilt JET Medium-Duty Handheld Gas Leaf Blower

This  Troy-Bilt JET Medium-Duty Handheld Gas Leaf Blower is on sale for $129 at Lowes Home Improvement Stores and Lowes.com.  Troy-Bilt JET Handheld Gas Leaf Blower at Lowes

Be sure to use the $20 off of $100 coupon from Myjibe.com.  https://myjibe.com/lowes/coupons/20-off-100/

If you have more than this to buy at Lowes, you can also spend $200, and use the $40 off of $200 coupon from Myjibe.com https://myjibe.com/lowes/coupons/40-off-200/

There is a two year limited warranty from the manufacturer.

Get a head start on spring with this gas leaf blower from Troy Built and you will be set to clean up the winter debris once the weather warms up.

If you are in Florida or Texas, this will do you well to clean up leftover debris from the bad hurricanes that went through these areas.

Easy to start and durable motor for long lasting endurance.

You can choose from different speeds and set at one speed to ideally maintain your lawn or property.

Troy-Built is a trusted manufacturer of lawn equipment and you can have confidence in buying this leaf blower to maintain your property whether it is one-quarter of an acre or a full acre.

You can get a jump start on keeping your lawn or property  clean and well kept before spring catches up on us and you can then concentrate on planting your spring flowers and vegetables in the garden and not having to worry about clean up at that time.

This leaf blower is also great to blow off your front porch or back porch and deck area that may be somewhat messy from the winter season.  Give it a once over with this leaf blower and you will have a clean area to entertain the guests and family when spring rolls around.

Don’t forget to use this leaf blower one good time in the garage to clear out all the dust and dirt that have accumulated during the winter season from the snow and wet of the rainy seasons.  Your vehicle will thank you in having a clean and comfortable space to park in come spring summer season.

You can also blow off dirt and debris from your lawn equipment that has been sitting all winter.

Let the leaf blower do the work when it comes to cleaning off surfaces or clearing debris.  No need to bend down and clean up the outside surfaces when you can just use the leaf blower to whisk it away!

Another great deal from Lowes Home Improvement Stores and Lowes.com:


Blue Hawk Plastic Shelving Units