Troy-Bilt JET Medium-Duty Handheld Gas Leaf Blower

This  Troy-Bilt JET Medium-Duty Handheld Gas Leaf Blower is on sale for $129 at Lowes Home Improvement Stores and  Troy-Bilt JET Handheld Gas Leaf Blower at Lowes

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There is a two year limited warranty from the manufacturer.

Get a head start on spring with this gas leaf blower from Troy Built and you will be set to clean up the winter debris once the weather warms up.

If you are in Florida or Texas, this will do you well to clean up leftover debris from the bad hurricanes that went through these areas.

Easy to start and durable motor for long lasting endurance.

You can choose from different speeds and set at one speed to ideally maintain your lawn or property.

Troy-Built is a trusted manufacturer of lawn equipment and you can have confidence in buying this leaf blower to maintain your property whether it is one-quarter of an acre or a full acre.

You can get a jump start on keeping your lawn or property  clean and well kept before spring catches up on us and you can then concentrate on planting your spring flowers and vegetables in the garden and not having to worry about clean up at that time.

This leaf blower is also great to blow off your front porch or back porch and deck area that may be somewhat messy from the winter season.  Give it a once over with this leaf blower and you will have a clean area to entertain the guests and family when spring rolls around.

Don’t forget to use this leaf blower one good time in the garage to clear out all the dust and dirt that have accumulated during the winter season from the snow and wet of the rainy seasons.  Your vehicle will thank you in having a clean and comfortable space to park in come spring summer season.

You can also blow off dirt and debris from your lawn equipment that has been sitting all winter.

Let the leaf blower do the work when it comes to cleaning off surfaces or clearing debris.  No need to bend down and clean up the outside surfaces when you can just use the leaf blower to whisk it away!

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